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20 Sleek Kitchen Designs with a Beautiful Simplicity

1. Cool greys and creamy whites are the perfect calming influence for this modern kitchen.

2. The pops of yellow in the cabinets and backsplash of this kitchen make it extra welcoming. The indoor herb planters help add in some greenery.

3. Done the wrong way, wood paneled cabinets can look kitschy, but the horizontal grain in this kitchen are elegant and sleek.

4. The open floor plan in this two-story apartment means that the kitchen really has to blend with the design of the rest of the space, which its simple white color scheme certainly does.

5. Keeping the shelving in the island open in this sunny kitchen make the whole room feel bigger.

6. A cool ceiling and plenty of windows give this kitchen a special slant of its own.

7. You don’t need to have a lot of room for a beautiful, modern kitchen as this simple white option proves.

8. The circular rug in this kitchen area manages to create a separate dining room without adding any walls.

9. A simple breakfast bar is a must for a kitchen that wants to double as a gathering place.

10. Natural wood all around gives this kitchen a bit of a rustic bent.

11. The hexagonal shelving are a little bit playful but still functional.

12. When a dining table is attached to a kitchen countertop, two rooms can take up the space of one.

13. Even a penthouse apartment needs a slick kitchen and this butcher block breakfast bar is the perfect option.

14. In this industrial style loft, the kitchen fits in with slate grey cabinetry and concrete flooring.

15. Another countertop with attached dining table fits well with elegant wood paneled walls.

16. White counters and open cabinets are completely on trend.

17. This kitchen tends towards the darker side when it comes to color palettes, but its the creative lighting fixtures that really set it apart.

18. In a rare choice, this open floor plan option has no kitchen island, so it may lack a bit in prep space.

19. On the other hand, this kitchen has tons of counter space with three separate counters.

20. Finally, white and wood are a simple and stylish combination in this modern kitchen.

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